Our leaders have come together, After many millennia,
a decision has been made!
it is time to reveal
the truth.

redheads originate from another planet, Pokawindon L5.
Actually a whole different solar system...

this is Pokawindon l5

(where all redheads originate)

The Facts

here is some basic information about our kind that might clear up some questions:

  1. Pokawindon is further from our sun than your “earth” is from your sun, this is why redheads have a very pale complexion compared to your average Homo sapien.
  2. We are not used to your high levels of UV rays and thus are easily burned. (Your high levels of pollution and holes in your Ozone layer don’t help.)
  3. our days on Pokawindon are longer than your days by about 3.75 earth hours. redheads are used to a longer sleep cycle and this is why you might find redheads on earth sleeping longer nights or taking naps during the day. If we don’t get enough “sleep” we must supplement it with a chemical found on earth C8H10N4O2, also known as Caffeine .
  4. During this extra Sleep we are not being unproductive, but actually getting things accomplished. On our planet we do much of our work and thinking during the “sleep” cycle. The best translation to the english language for what we call this would be “Dream working.”
  5. we are not trying to overtake your planet. We are here to coexist along side you.
  6. We are not evil, but are easily angered by stupid questions because we are not used to this behavior on Pokawingon.

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